System Status

Status Created Resolved Issue Resolution
Resolved 08 May, 2018 09:17 08 May, 2018 16:10 There is currently an issue at Vodafone causing delayed receiving of SMS messages to Vodafone handsets. The issue has been raised and is being investigated by Vodafone technicians. No ETA given at this stage. Vodafone have resolved the issues as of 2:15pm. Please note there was no delay of receiving the messages to the handset as first indicated. All messages sent today reached their intended handsets the issue Vodafone was having is a notification system that lets us know your txt was received at the handset. Vodafone have confirmed all txt`s were delivered when sent today.
Resolved 08 Mar, 2017 14:56 08 Mar, 2017 16:55 There is currently an issue at 2Degress causing delayed receving of SMS messages to 2Degrees handsets. The issue has been raised and is being investigated by 2Degress technicians. Issue has been resolved.
Resolved 24 Feb, 2017 09:45 27 Feb, 2017 11:37 We have been experiencing intermittent issues with customers replying to messages, from Vodafone. We have escalalated this to Vodafone for further investigation. Vodafone resolved this problem on Friday morning.
Resolved 09 Feb, 2017 09:26 09 Feb, 2017 10:36 Our upstream provider is currently experiencing an issue with delivering messages. We have cut over to our backup upstream provider in order to get any new messages sent out. Messages currently in queue in the last hour will be delayed, any news messages will be delivered via our backup upsstream provider. We will provide an ETA once our main provider has resolved issue at their end. Delivery issue has now been resolved. We don`t believe any messages have been lost.
Resolved 14 Dec, 2016 14:21 14 Dec, 2016 14:42 2Degrees currently experiencing an outage on their network. Their engineers are currently working to resolve issue but no ETA given at this stage. Issue has been resolved at 2Degrees and all queued messages now cleared.
Resolved 14 Nov, 2016 10:08 15 Nov, 2016 14:18 All the NZ Mobile operators have confirmed there is extreme load on their networks today, due to the quake. Delivery to some handsets may be delayed. Delivery seems to be back to normal levels.
Resolved 21 Oct, 2016 11:14 22 Oct, 2016 11:01 We are currently experiencing intermittent delays sending to Vodafone NZ handsets. Engineers are investigating, there is no ETA at this stage. The issue appears to have been resolved. We will continue monitoring.
Resolved 18 Oct, 2016 07:43 18 Oct, 2016 08:29 We are currently experiencing delays in message confirmations. Messages are being delievered, but the status updates are not working. Engineers are investigating. Issue tracked down to a Database fault. Has now been rectified and delivery notifications are operational again.
Resolved 14 Oct, 2016 09:58 14 Oct, 2016 10:12 We are currently experiencing problems delivering messages to Vodafone NZ. Vodafone are currently investigating. There is no ETA at this stage. Vodafone have resolved the issue, and messages are slowing being delivered.
Resolved 05 Oct, 2016 14:32 06 Oct, 2016 09:35 2Degrees are currently having problems updating the status of texts to their network. Texts are being delivered though... 2Degrees engineers are currently investigating. Status updates are now back to normal.