School Solutions

TxTStream is a Ministry of Education accredited provider of Early Notifications services. In addition we provide a number of products and services that can benefit your school.

TxTStream provides Early Notifications via the resellers shown below. Please contact one of the resellers for basic Early Notifications pricing and more information about how to integrate TxTStream into your school management system.

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions about additional functionality and pricing.

If you are using our Early notifications service via your school management system, you will need to login once you have your TxTStream account and provide the relevant MOE number, reply messages and EN message format.

Go to the school login page here >>>

School Resellers

For Early Notifications please contact the relevant reseller below :

For all schools using KAMAR:
Email: helpdesk @
Phone: 07 575 2627
For all schools using MUSAC:
Email: support @
Freephone: 0800 600 159
For Our School customers and non Kamar and non Musac schools:
Email: info @
Phone: 09 213 4096

School Products and services

In addition to our Early Notifications service, TxTStream provides the following products and services :

  • Emergency broadcast : Part of Easy Message, enable a mobile to initiate a message to a pre-loaded emergency contact list (no additional charges)
  • Easy Message : Upload contact lists e.g. class parents and guardians, will handle SMS text and fully formatted emails e.g. newsletters (no additional charges)
  • Keywords : Used by many schools to enable parents and guardians to text in to the school, particuarly regarding absences, from a mobile (small additional monthly charge, contact us)
  • Email Direct : Simply send an email to (for example) 021999999 @ and have it sent as a text (no additional charges)
  • Outlook add-in : communicate via SMS text from Outlook using your contact lists (no additional charges)