No-Nonsense Pricing

Please check out the pricing below.

Note that if you are a school, and using TxTStream's Ministry of Education approved Early Notifications service bundled with other TxTStream products and services, the pricing below may not apply to you. If you are a school, please go to the Schools page and contact one of our school resellers listed there.
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Contract? What contract?

TxTStream does not impose any contract terms. You are free to subscribe to our services and unsubscribe as you wish.

An account. What you get

A TxTStream account costs $20 per calendar month. You will be billed for the forthcoming month and any text charges from the previous month via an emailed invoice/statement on the 1st of each month.

The TxTStream My Account login allows you to review charges and invoices and get a breakdown of who in your organisation has used what services. You may also maintain sub accounts (cost centres) there.

We do not charge extra for additional products and services, so once an account is active you may freely use any combination of the products and services listed below :

  • Outlook add-in
  • EMail Direct (just an email sent to e.g.
  • Desktop application
  • Developer and integration tools (API's/.NET/COM+ etc.)
  • Easy Message

TxT charges

Casual SMS text charges start at 15c. Substantial volume or special application discounts are available.

There is no charge for reply emails, or emailed non-delivery notifications.

Keywords are $20 per month (Mobile originated message forwarded to an email address).

Easy Message outbound emails are 0.02c.