Office and Admin Solutions

TxTStream has several solutions for the Office and Administration area. Integrate TxTStream into Microsoft Outlook, send an email to a designated email address, use our web-based Easy Message product or install a desktop app.

Outlook add-in

Our Outlook add-in, once installed, adds a button or link into the Outlook menu bar. Click on the button or link to send SMS texts to mobile numbers you enter, or simply select from your existing contacts. You can also use the 'delay until' feature to queue messages for later.

Mobile replies will come back into Outlook as an email. If we cannot deliver the SMS text within an hour we will email you batched non-delivery notifications.

TxTStream's Outlook add-in works with all versions of Windows Outlook except web based Outlook (OWA 365).
Office add-in guide (PDF) >>>

EMail Direct

EMail Direct is simple. Once we have set you up on our EMail Direct service, simply send an email to 02199999 @ for example. Replies and non-delivery notifications work as per our Outlook add-in.

You can easily use your existing contacts lists by adding an alternative email address for a contact.

Easy Message

Easy Message is a web based SMS text and EMail product. Easy Message allows you to upload and maintain contacts list, send messages, create presentation emails and access our emergency broadcast service whereby a mobile is used to initiate an emergency message to a designated emergency contact list.

Account Management

Access the TxTStream My Accounts area to view usage, access older invoices, set up your own sub accounts (cost centres) and view detailed information on who is initiating messages on the account.

Desktop app

The desktop application is an installable Windows application that allows you to initiate SMS texts and receive replies and non-delivery notifications to a designated email address. The application interfaces with local contacts (Microsoft Vista, Win7,8,10).

Evaluation account

If you are not sure about the Outlook add-in, feel free to try it! We allow a number of evaluation messages when installed the first time. If it's not for you, simply uninstall it.