Outlook & Administration

Use our Outlook add-in, EMail direct or web based Easy Message in your organisation. Save time. Save money. Happier clients...

Web - Easy Message

Web based SMS texting and email with TxTStream's EasyMessage. Upload contact lists, schedule texts, create emails and much more...

Developer Integration

EMail 2 TxT, Web API's and COM+ and .NET objects to enable your software to integrate SMS texting...


We are a Ministry of Education approved texting provider for Early Notifications via school management systems...

Custom Solutions

Contact us for custom solutions. We also provide SMS and Web solutions through our sister company TxTEngine...


TxTStream resellers get the advantage of providing TxTStream solutions and sharing in revenue...

What We Do

We save you time and money and enable your busineess to be more responsive. Communications, as we know, are a key facet in making businesses, big and small, run smoothly and remain profitable.

TxTStream provides innovative and cost effective solutions that can benefit businesses by facilitating two-way communications, particuarly with clients, suppliers and prospects.

We have over 1,000 clients in N.Z., Australia and internationally encompassing all facets of business. Education, healthcare, finance, councils, government, retail, manufacturing, real estate, agriculture, tourism and many more.

What Makes Us Different

Experience. We have well over a decade's worth of experience in providing effective texting solutions to all manner of businesses.

Connections. TxTStream uses only direct routes to the telcos (no grey routes) and we have a global reach.

Service. We pride ourselves on responsiveness. If you don't get the service you expect, we want to hear about it.

Solutions. TxTStream will provide an off-the-shelf solution, or customise a solution to fit your exact needs.