Easy Message

Easy Message

Easy Meessage is TxTStream's web based SMS text and email messaging product. Nothing to install.

Some of Easy Message's features are outlined below. For a full overview, check out the Easy Message Lite user guide.

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Contacts Management

Load contacts from Excel or text files. Maintain and add contacts lists and personalised data allowing personalised SMS or email messages.

SMS and Email

Easy Message allows SMS texts and emails. Mobile and email addresses can be entered manually, cut-and-pasted or you can send to uploaded or created contact lists. Full HTML presentation emails templates are supported as are uploaded attachments, email and SMS templates and personalisation of SMS texts and emails.

Emergency Broadcast

A unique feature of Easy Message, Emergency Broadcast, allows you to authorise specific mobiles which can initiate a message to a designated emergency contact list.

Account control

Easy Message supports multiple profiles that designate reply addresses, maximum SMS text length and more. If more control is needed, Easy Message can be used with TxTStream sub accounts (cost centres) allowing enhanced login security and transparency of spend across an organisation.

You can self subscribe an existing TxTStream account as long as one invoice has been paid. Unsubscribe at any time.