Developers and Integration

TxTStream offers off-the-shelf solutions that easily allow you to SMS text enable existing or new software.

We also run a reseller program that enables you to receive a revenue share off of any software you distribute that uses TxTStream products and services.

If you have an idea, or special requirements, feel free to contact us regarding a custom solution.


The TSAPI is our XML over HTTP/S service. See the downloads page for documentation.

TxTStream WebAPI

An extremely simple HTTP GET/POST page call. See the downloads page for documentation.

COM+ and .NET components

Probably the easiest and quickest way to integrate texting into any software. The COM+ object can easily be incorporated into almost any development environment. .NET V2 and V4 versions are available for .NET environments. See the documentation on the downloads page.

EMail Direct

Once we have set you up on our EMail Direct service, simply send an email to 02199999 @ for example. Options are available for sending domain, overriding reply addresses, allowing IP addresses, maximum message lengths and self management of additional sending email addresses through TxTStream's My Accounts area.

SMTP ReDirect

The SMTP redirect service installs as system service and acts as a mail server. Full port selection, fail safe and IP security is provided. The downloads page has the full package including documentation.